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Harry Styles makes me sad. I ship Zarry, Narry, and Lilo.


1D you have no ownership of any women if she leaves you then it’s her choice not an act of theft by another person. imma still bop to it tho…imma still bop to it

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why were u all expecting them to have become lyrical geniuses between midnight memories and four like they literally have a song about a song being the best song ever please

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Niall Horan parties at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, september 19th 2014 [x]

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vegas niall is going to be something i tell my grandchildren about, it’ll be right there in the scrapbook next to the miami 2013 pot yacht and peru 2014

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"this is my favorite picture of harry" i say every time i see a new picture of harry

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iheartradio festival has now changed their name to iheartonedirection festival, all artists will be asked to perform nothing but one direction songs

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*one direction finishes performing* *closes tab* iHeartRadio music festival was great

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the year is 2020, one direction appear on television performing what makes you beautiful, i shove my children at their father and proceed to yell 1D AF while doing the splits all over my lounge room floor

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2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - Backstage

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iHeartRadio 2014

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one direction is out in public again and I for one am thriving

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