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Harry Styles makes me sad. I ship Zarry, Narry, and Lilo. Also, 5sos may be posted every now and again.


ahhh yes i am a big fan of classical music! *plays wmyb*

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i can literally look at any picture of harry and tell you where he was and what time of which year it was and that my friends is talent

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christinamackenzie: What a giggle…@harrystyles pretending to be pregnant with me 4months pregnant and not looking it..thanks for looking out for me!#4monthspregnant #harrystyles @athinaandrelos

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can we talk about how absolutely stunningly goRGEOUS HARRY LOOKS HERE ?!?! his long hair all full and curling a bit is so BEAUTIFUL ON HIM. like….. he’s always gorgeous. but sometimes he’s just EXTRA GORGEOUS 


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he is a top chap.” +

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@onedirection: MORNING!

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levvis: it’s my birthday in 19 minutes lol x

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Niall at the Reading vs. Derby game (x)

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@acoupleoflines: for 2 cents a day you can help this homeless man who sings about chocolate and sex

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@Callum_SR: Good to meet you @Harry_Styles

beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice

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